Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Launch of the IconA Databases

Launch of the IconA Databases (via Aegeanet) 
I am pleased to announce that I have given permission to CMS Heidelberg to host my IconA Databases on the CMS Website and I thank Professor Diamantis Panagiotopoulos and Dr Maria Anastasiadou for all their support in arranging the Hosting and the Launch of the Databases on Friday 2 May at the CMS Institute at Heidelberg University. The two Databases are now feely available on the Web and are subject only to the usual protocol of acknowledging the source of the information in any research or publications that use the Databases, in this case the CMS and IconAegean. IconAegean is the name of the Project and these two Databases are called 
IconAData and IconADict. Interested scholars may access them through the CMSWebsite by going to the list of entries on the left and clicking on IconA Databases and when the two names IconAData and IconADict appear click on one name and  enter the Database as Guest, then repeat for the other Database. It is useful  for Users to have both Databases on view side by side so they can refer across  them and in order to facilitate searching. IconAData holds 1000 seal designs especially chosen to illustrate the range of  Aegean seal iconography and may be searched by Keywords across any of the Database Fields. Each seal design is illustrated. IconADict holds the Dictionary of the 590 iconographic terms which describe the seal designs and these are illustrated and defined and can be used as the Keyword to search on the Fields in the IconAData Database. There are also 
entries which gloss the CMS terms and Database explanations to help the User. My very best wishes as you begin to use the Databases, Enjoy!
Janice Crowley

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