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Parthian Sources Online

Parthian Sources Online
Coin of Arsaces I of Parthia with inscriptions in Greek and Parthian
This site is authored and maintained by Jake Nabel. I currently work at the University of California, Los Angeles as a Lecturer and Research Associate at the Pourdavoud Center for the Study of the Iranian World and as Scholar in Residence in the Department of Classics.
I began work on this resource in June 2014 with the kind assistance of a Summer Fellowship in Digital Scholarship Grant from the Cornell University Library and the Society for the Humanities. It is a pleasure to gratefully acknowledge their generous support. Thanks also to Dakota O’Dell for his kind assistance and expertise.
If you have comments or suggestions on how this site could be made more useful, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach me at, or find me on the social media sites below. My CV is available here.
Site Introduction
If this is your first time using the site, start here.
A list of all currently available sources.
Editions, grammars, and further reading.
Author and acknowledgements.

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