Sunday, June 26, 2016

Classical Language Toolkit

[First posted in AWOL 17 May 2014, updated 26 June 2016]

Classical Language Toolkit
The Classical Language Toolkit (CLTK) offers natural language processing support for Classical languages. In some areas, it extends the NLTK. The goals of the Classical Language Toolkit (CLTK) are to:
  • compile analysis-friendly corpora in a variety of Classical languages (currently available for Chinese, Coptic, Greek, Latin, Pali, and Tibetan);
  • gather, improve, and generate linguistic data required for NLP (Greek and Latin are in progress, with more in the pipeline);
  • develop a free and open platform for generating reproducible, scientific research that advances the study of the languages and literatures of the ancient world.
The project's source is hosted on GitHub and the homepage is

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