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Open Access Journal: Egyptian journal of archaeological & restoration studies (EJARS)

 [First posted in AWOL 2 November 2011. Updated 20 November 2013]

Egyptian journal of archaeological & restoration studies (EJARS)
National ISSN: 18178/2010
International ISSN: 2090-4932
Online ISSN: 2090-4940
The Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration Studies (EJARS) is an International Journal issued by Center of Archaeological and Conservation Studies and Research (ACSRC) - Sohag University. 

The international journal EJARS Encourage international discussion on several fields such as archaeological problems, Conservation science, coupling between archaeology, archaeometry and management of Conservation projects.

It focuses on the Arabian, African and Mediterranean regions and presents an international forum of research, innovations, discoveries, applications and meetings concerning the modern approaches to the study of human past. Also, the journal focuses on a specific new methodology in archaeological and restoration fields

EJARS Volume no.3 Issue 2

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EJARS Editorial
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1st Page
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Review Article

1- Sandu, I. & Sandu, I.C.A pp: 73-83
New interdisciplinary aspects on science for conservation of cultural heritage-ii
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
Original Articles

1-Saleh, M. pp: 85-93
Honeycomb weathering of sandstone outcrops at Al-hijr (mada'in salih), Saudi Arabia
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
2-Abdel-Ghani, M. & Mahmoud, M. pp:95-105
Spectroscopic investigation on paint layers of sabil-kuttab Umm 'abbas ceiling, mohammed ali era in Cairo, Egypt: Identification of unusual pigment and medium [Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
3-Abu-El-Nadar, W. pp:107-114
God nepri in ancient Egyptian Religion
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
4-Elsharnouby, R. pp:115-130
The notion of the 'three hill country' in the ancient Egyptian civilization
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
5-El-Toukhy, M. pp:131-137
Protection symbols on the top of the middle kingdom stelae (in cairo museum)
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
6-Abo Rehab, M. pp:139-168
Defensive fortifications in baris oasis, el-kharga at the end Of the 13th century h. (19th century a.D.): an archaeological And architectural study
[Abstract] [Full Text(PDF)]
Published Volumes
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