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Open Access Journal: Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents Newsletter

[First posted in AWOL 1 November 2009. Updated (additional issues) 9 May 2017]

Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents Newsletter
The Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents was established in 1995 under the auspices of Oxford University's Faculty of Literae Humaniores to provide a focus for the study of ancient documents within Oxford. Over the last six years it has developed into a research centre of national and international importance. The Centre forms part of the Classics Centre, currently located in the Old Boys' School in George Street.
The Centre provides a home for Oxford University's epigraphical archive, which includes one of the largest collections of squeezes (paper impressions) of Greek inscriptions in the world, together with the Haverfield archive of Roman inscriptions from Britain, and a substantial photographic collection. The strengths of the epigraphical archive lie in its broad coverage of early Greek inscriptions, Attic epigraphy and the Hellenistic world. Individual sites well represented in the archive include Chios, Samos, Priene, Rhodes, and Samothrace. The material in the archive is currently being reorganised and catalogued.
The Centre's Newsletter, published biannually in spring and autumn, offers news of events and activities at CSAD. The newsletter can be read or downloaded either in HTML format or as an Adobe Acrobat document.
The following issues are available:

Newsletter no. 1 (Winter 1995/96)

Newsletter no. 2 (Spring 1996)

Newsletter no. 3 (Autumn 1996)

Newsletter no. 4 (Summer 1997)

Newsletter no. 5 (Autumn 1997)

Newsletter no. 6 (Summer 1998)

Newsletter no. 7 (Spring 1999)

Newsletter no. 8 (Autumn 1999)

Newsletter no. 9 (Winter 2002)

Newsletter no. 10 (Autumn 2002)

Newsletter no. 11 (Winter 2004/5)

Newsletter no. 12 (Winter 2009/10)

Newsletter no. 13 (Summer 2010)

Newsletter no. 14 (Winter 2010/11)

Newsletter no. 15 (Winter 2011/12)

Newsletter no. 16 (Spring 2013)

Newsletter no. 17 (Spring 2014)

Newsletter no. 18 (Spring 2015)

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