Saturday, September 16, 2023

Atlomy: Greco-Roman Anatomy Atlas

ATLOMY is a multidisciplinary study of the history of anatomy. 

It implements a novel and innovative model for studying ancient science and medicine, one which combines historical and philological analysis with empirical research and high-end digital and visual design and development.

We are developing a groundbreaking integrative atlas of Greco-Roman anatomical ideas, terminology, and research.
Our open access atlas offers tailormade viewing and research tools for researchers, students and the public. 

*Learn what you can do with ATLMOY.

Available Models
Aristotle - Respiratory System
by: Aristotle
Aristotle - Vascular System
by: Aristotle
Aristotle - Gastrointestinal System
by: Aristotle
Hippocratic Sacred Disease - Vascular System
by: Hippocratic Corpus

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