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Open Access Journal: Chronika: The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Graduate Student Journal

[First posted in AWOL 5 May 2014, updated 18 September 2023]

Chronika: The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology Graduate Student Journal
ISSN: 2159-9904
EISSN: 2159-9912 
Chronika is an interdisciplinary journal for graduate students studying the art and archaeology of the Mediterranean world. 
Chronika, like its parent organization The Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA), promotes interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative approaches to the study of the past. Chronika is an open access journal and aims to publish cutting edge research in a timely fashion and make it widely available to the scholarly community. We encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship by making the content of our journal freely available online.
Chronika is produced by University at Buffalo graduate students, but welcomes submissions from graduate students at other colleges and universities worldwide. Students are encouraged to submit an article here.
 Current Issue:

Current Issue

Chronika, Volume 11, Full Text 

Chronika volume 11.pdf Chronika volume 11.pdf
Size : 4834.089 Kb
Type : pdf

Letter from the Editor: 

Letter from editor.pdf Letter from editor.pdf
Size : 162.542 Kb
Type : pdf


Brittany Proffitt, University of Missouri

"Seat of Power: The Afterlife of the Achaemenid Throne on Minted Coinage"

Proffitt.pdf Proffitt.pdf
Size : 1157.927 Kb
Type : pdf

Francis Mahon, University of York

"The Colonial City: Eden, Amazonia, and the Humanist Imagination"

Mahon.pdf Mahon.pdf
Size : 291.476 Kb
Type : pdf

Jennifer Weigel, Florida State University

"Spears and Speculation: Deconstructing Gender Assumptions in Etruscan Tombs"

Weigel.pdf Weigel.pdf
Size : 576.343 Kb
Type : pdf

Erin Brantmayer, The University of Texas at Austin

"Almost Heaven, West Arkadia: Reconsidering the Ritual Use of Mountains in Late Bronze Age Greece"

Brantmayer.pdf Brantmayer.pdf
Size : 715.084 Kb
Type : pdf

Aleksandra Cetwińska, University of Warsaw

"Breaking Pots? Late Neolithic Rituals Among Paraneolithic Hunter-Gatherers in North-Eastern Poland"

Cetwinska.pdf Cetwinska.pdf
Size : 623.875 Kb
Type : pdf

Konrad Bennett Hughes, University of Missouri

"Imitations and Alterations:Numismatic Evidence of the Relationship between the Varangian-Rus and the Khazars"

Hughes.pdf Hughes.pdf
Size : 552.17 Kb
Type : pdf

Maciej Sadło, University of Warsaw

"Experimental Studies in the Field of Ballistics on Different Types of Arrow Shafts "

Sadlo.pdf Sadlo.pdf
Size : 1911.036 Kb
Type : pdf

Brent Whitford, University at Buffalo

Book Review: McCoy, M.D. 2020. Maps for Time Travelers.

Whitford.pdf Whitford.pdf
Size : 256.903 Kb
Type : pdf

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