Monday, November 1, 2021

New Open Access Journal: Aldus 2.0: A Journal on Digital Philology

Aldus 2.0 is an international journal that promotes a debate on digital textuality in the philological, literary and linguistic fields.

Aims and scope

The aim of Aldus 2.0 is to encourage and promote a debate around the main themes of Digital Humanities both in the philological-literary field and in the linguistic one. The spread of new technologies and their application in the different areas of Italian studies offered new perspectives of study, analysis and research and opened technical and theoretical-methodological issues that represent a great challenge for philologists, linguists, publishers and more. Ideally recalling Aldo Manuzio’s revolution and the importance of his cultural project, Aldus 2.0 looks critically and attentively at progress in the Humanities with an eye constantly to the past, an essential element for a proper vision of the future.

The journal is not only addressed to linguists and philologists, but it also pursues to be an open space for discussions with other disciplines, such as the many areas of communication sciences, and to their contribution: the interdisciplinary approach enhances methods and perspectives that shed light on aspects that would risk being ignored or little discussed by adopting a mono-disciplinary approach. In this sense too Aldus 2.0 tries to propose itself as something new and innovative compared to other editorial realities that discuss themes connected to the web and its texts.

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