Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Ancient India: A bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India

Ancient India, a bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India was started in January, 1946. The bulletin is edited by the Director General of ASI. Ancient India started off as a bi-annual journal, but became an annual publication from 1949. Illustrated with plates, figures, tables, diagrams and maps, the journal included various subjects including exploration, excavation, conservation, technical notes, art, iconography including latest field investigations. The journal offered a rich collection of research articles, notes, and documentations.Notes and Technical Section were the two regular sections of the journal, the former provided the brief information about the journal and the activities of the Archaeological Survey of India and the latter offered perspectives on various aspects of archaeology.

23 issues of Ancient India have been published so far up to 1966. The same publication has now been revived as Ancient India-New Series in 2011.

New Series No. 1
(Year - 2011)

3. From Stone Tools to Satellites: Recent Research into the Prehistory of Tamil Nadu

ByShanti Pappu, Kumar Akhilesh, Sudha Ravindranath and Uday Raj

7. Excavations at Lathiya (Ghazipur District, Uttar Pradesh): 2009-10

ByB. R. Mani, I. D. Dwivedi, S. K. Manjul and Arwin Manjul

12. Architecture and Society

ByM. K. Dhavalikar

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