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Trismegistos Time

Trismegistos Time
Trismegistos Time (formerly Trismegistos Calendar) is a relatively new section that came about as a result of Sofie Remijsen’s interest in the practical significance of Sunday for the early Christians. Sofie wanted to make her conversion lists publicly available, and Mark Depauw offered to do that in the framework of Trismegistos. Then the idea came to link the list of days to the dates in Trismegistos, and this is how TM Calendar was born, initially for the period 800 BC - AD 800. Afterwards collaboration with the Altägyptische Kursivschriften (AKU) project in Mainz (and indirectly with other egyptological projects - see below) led us to expand the chronological scope to 3500 BC - AD 1000.
TM Time - which is mostly limited to Egypt - has benefited a lot from taking part in the GODOT project, which aims to be an all-encompassing project to time and dates for the whole of the ancient world. It was in the framework of GODOT that we were able to model the various tables in our chronological database, and enter the preserved ancient dates in all BGU texts and P. Oxy. volumes (the latter not yet available online). We hope one day soon to expand this to all papyrological and afterwards also epigraphic texts.
Despite all this work, TM Time is still in its initial phase. The stable identifiers are still under construction conceptually (see below). Right now it should be seen as a tool to convert dates from old calendar systems to new and vice-versa, which also facilitates finding texts dated to specific periods in Trismegistos. We hope one day perhaps also to work together with other projects such as PeriodO.

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