Sunday, September 22, 2019

One Off journal Issues: Monasteries and Sacred Landscapes & Byzantine Connections

Occasional issues of journals where one might not normally think to look produce thematic issues of interest. Availability online makes them much more discoverable. A case in point:
Monasteries and Sacred Landscapes & Byzantine Connections - Volume 9. 2019

Volume 9. 2019
ISSN Online: 2412-3196
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8612-0
Subject Area: Medieval Studies
refereed - online 

Walter Pohl - Ingrid Hartl
Editor's Preface page 2
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s2
(Abstract) (PDF)
Michel Kaplan
The Monasteries of Athos and Chalkidiki (8th-11th Centuries): A Pioneering Front? page 63
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s63
(Abstract) (PDF)
Albrecht Diem
The Limitations of Asceticism page 112
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s112
(Abstract) (PDF)
Edward M. Schoolman
Greeks and »Greek« Writers in the Early Medieval Italian Papyri page 139
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s139
(Abstract) (PDF)
Francesca Dell’Acqua - Clemens Gantner
Resenting Byzantine Iconoclasm. Its Early Reception in Italy through an Inscription from Corteolona page 160
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s160
(Abstract) (PDF)
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller - Ekaterini Mitsiou
Mercantile and Religious Mobility between Byzantines, Latins and Muslims, 1200-1500: On the Theory and Practice of Social Networks page 187
doi: 10.1553/medievalworlds_no9_2019s187
(Abstract) (PDF)

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