Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Perseus Catalog

Announcing the Perseus Catalog 

To search, please enter your query in the search box above. If you'd like to immediately browse works, editions, or translations, take a look at the limiting fields to the right. The numbers in the 'Browse by' lists represent not physical volumes but works, the texts seen as artistic creations, for example Homer's Iliad, or Livy's History of Rome. A work can span multiple volumes or a single volume could contain multiple works. To browse authors, please see this list.
The 'All Fields' search will query the full text of each catalog record and return results that are ranked by relevance. Frequently, your desired record may appear a few pages into the search results. To narrow your results you can use the 'Browse by' fields in the sidebar, or you can search using one of the additional search fields. For further details on the search field behaviors, please see this page.

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Work Title
Work Original Language
Edition or Translation Year Published
Edition or Translation Language
Gbutton  Abas Historicus v2. Jh
Lbutton  Abelard, Peter 1079-1142
Lbutton  Ablabius
Words Represented: 13
Gbutton  Ablabius Rhetor 5. Jh. n. Chr
Words Represented: 26
Abutton  Abū Ḥamzaŧ, al-Ṯumālī d. 148/765 CE
Abutton  Abū Miḫnaf, al-Azdī d. 157/774 CE
Abutton  Abū Zayd al-Qurašī d. 170/786 CE
Abutton  Abū-l-Aṣbaġ al-Mājašūn d. 164/781 CE
Gbutton  Abydenus Historicus 2. Jh
Lbutton  Accius, Lucius
Words Represented: 5519
Gbutton  Aceratus Gramm. A.D. 1
Words Represented: 23
Gbutton  Acesander Historicus v4./2. Jh
Words Represented: 542
Gbutton  Acestodorus Megalopolitanus 3. Jh. v. Chr
Gbutton  Achaeus Eretriensis ca. 484 - ca. 401 v. Chr
Words Represented: 475
Gbutton  Achilles Tatius
Words Represented: 43440
Lbutton  Acholius
Gbutton  Acilius, Gaius um 155 v. Chr
Words Represented: 1049
Lbutton  Actorius Naso, Marcus
Gbutton  Acusilaus of Argos
Words Represented: 3012
Gbutton  Adaeus Epigr. A.D. 1
Words Represented: 344
Abutton  Ādam b. Abī Iyās, Abū al-Ḥasan, al-Ḫurāsanī, al-Marwaḏī, al-ʿAsqalānī, [Mawlá] d. 221/836 CE
Lbutton  Adam, von Bremen, 11th cent
Gbutton  Adamant
Words Represented: 8233
Lbutton  Adamnan Saint 625?-704
Gbutton  Adrianus of Tyre ca. 113-ca. 193
Words Represented: 294

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