Thursday, March 7, 2019

Open Access Journal: STAR: Science & Technology of Archaeological Research

STAR: Science & Technology of Archaeological Research
Online ISSN: 2054-8923
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STAR accepts papers utilising any of the array of scientific and computational techniques available to archaeologists, including, but not limited to:

• Archaeological materials science
• Airborne remote sensing, geophysical techniques and imaging
• Artefact conservation and restoration methods
• Biological and biochemical approaches
• Environmental approaches
• Forensic archaeology
• Heritage studies and conservation methods
• Mathematical modelling, computational analyses and virtual reality
• Scientific dating including geochronological approaches
• Spatial analysis and GIS
• Underwater archaeological methods
STAR incorporates a ‘Short Reports’ section, which provides rapid publication of important methodological advances. Editorial decision and publication times will be shorter for this feature.
STAR encourages authors to link to full datasets archived appropriately for long-term access as well as to submit any supplementary data and media necessary for a full understanding of the article.

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