Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Open Access Journal: ARCHEOSTORIE: Journal of Public Archaeology

ARCHEOSTORIE: Journal of Public Archaeology
ISSN: 2532-3512
Archeostorie Journal of Public Archaeology
ARCHEOSTORIE Journal of Public Archaeology is the open access, peer-reviewed and online-only journal that provides Italy with an arena to discuss issues such as the management and communication of archaeological heritage and, more widely, the role of archaeology into contemporary society. It produces insightful analyses on significant initiatives aimed at involving the public in archaeological and heritage issues, and bridging the gap between our past and modernity.
Since the journal is open-access all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication; for more details about licensing terms see this page.


Cinzia Dal Maso, Luca Peyronel
Strength and ethics of the context: Giving a true meaning to History and to our lives
Daniele Manacorda

Exploring public archaeology
Francesco Ripanti

Cinema in the Stone Age or a film about the Stone Age?
Alessandra Cilio

Father and Son: Videogame or emotional experience?
Giuliano De Felice

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