Monday, April 10, 2017

Polish Archaeological Mission in Ptolemais (Libia)

Polish Archaeological Mission in Ptolemais (Libia)
Polskie Wykopaliska Archeologiczne w Ptolemais (Libia)
Since 2001 the Institute of Archaeology of the Warsaw University has conducted excavations in Ptolemais, an important antique city in Cyrenaica (Libya). Apart from research works on the new urban plan of Ptolemais (officially established in the III rd. c. B.C.), excavation works are carried out in vicinity of the famous Palazzo delle Colonne. The main goal of this project is to obtain new information concerning the architecture of one insula (quarter), thus broadening our knowledge about the living conditions of the inhabitants of the city from the Hellenistic period to the appearance of the Arabs in the mid VII th, c. A.D. At present, we have uncovered one, very well preserved house dated to the III rd. c. A.D. with a rich decoration of its central, residential part, concentrated round a four column peristyle.

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