Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Public Monuments in Roman Greece

Public Monuments in Roman Greece
The database is intended as a fully searchable catalogue of monuments known to have stood in the public spaces of cities in Greece from the time that Rome began to expand its influence into the Greek world (c.200 BC) to the height of the Roman Empire (c.200 AD). Monuments that were set up before that time and which are known to have still been standing are included as are monuments that are attested as being set up during that period. Initially the database will focus on three main case studies – Athens, Messene and Corinth but includes some monuments from outside those cities, which have been encountered while working through the primary and secondary literature. The database is a work in progress. For a summary of what is currently included see below. Feedback on the project as a whole or on individual database entries would be most welcome. Please follow this link to submit a feedback form.

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