Monday, April 25, 2016

Describing Egypt

Describing Egypt
This is an ambitious self initiated project aiming - with a nod and a wink to the old Description de l'Égypte - to Describe Egypt one location at a time but this time around we do it through Egyptian Eyes. We are in love with this country and its long and diverse history and we want to share our heritage with the whole world through the latest available technology, we chose 360º VR immersive experience to be our medium, that way we allow you to walk through locations that is difficult to access due to it being closed by authorities for preservation or due to the fact that you cannot come and visit it yourself, whatever your reasons are we bring it right to your screen.

But we don't want to only show you pretty pictures, we want to tell you the stories from these locations, stories of their owners and their life and death, follow the progression of art, culture and architecture across Egypt's long, rich and diverse history.

We are currently focusing on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs of The 30 Dynasties reign which spans across 3000 years (2859 years to be exact from 3200 BC to 341 BC) we take Examples from the three Major kingdoms, the Old kingdom [3200 BC - 2780 BC] in Memphis (currently a suburb of cairo) 3rd to 6th dynasties , the Middle Kingdom [2134 BC - 1778 BC] in Abydos ( currently El Minya) 11th and 12th dynasties and the New Kingdom [1570 BC - 1080 BC] in Thebes (Luxor) 18th to 20th dynasties.

We started working on and off on this project in 2012, it was originally but due to differences between the partners visions we have agreed to separate the paths and started all over again.
you can check out the fantastic work of our previous partner and very good friend Mr. Mohamed Attef here and here.
The Describing Egypt project is currently done in collaboration between Motion Designer, Compositor and Photographer Salma ElDardiry and software Developer and Tech master Karim Mansour.

We are working with a great set of advisors and collaborators who includes Dr. Thierry Benderitter of, the good poeple of The Theban Mapping Project , Hani D. Elmasri of Disney imagineering and Prof. Dr. Abdel Ghaffar Shedid Founder and head of the Art History Department, Faculty of Fine Arts.

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