Saturday, December 19, 2015 updates: January-November 2015 updates
Dear Colleagues,

Here is a brief overview of the activity in from January to November of the calendar year 2015.
The entry of the following volumes has been completed:
P.Heid. X (with thanks to Johanna Egerer)
P.Oxy. LXXIX (with thanks to Federica Micucci and Danae Bafa)
P.Oxy. LXXX (with thanks to Danae Bafa)
PSI XVI  (with thanks to Federica Micucci)

It is worth mentioning that two texts have now been included in and are searchable for the first time in DDbDP. They had not originally been included all those decades ago. These are;;36
a particularly interesting contract of sale from Kopanis in Parthia.
a certificate of pagan sacrifice which was originally published amongst the Christian texts in P.Ryl. I and had been missed.

There is ongoing work on the entry of O.Petr.Mus., P.Monts.Roca IV, P.Prag. III amongst others.
P.Köln XI - XIII are in the process of being finished and will be done within the next few weeks.
SB XXVI is also being completed.

Since work began on the entry of texts through the editor of in 2010, 29 volumes have been completely entered. A full list of these can be found at:

Another list may be found of those volumes which still have to be completed:
in many cases only a few texts remain to be completed. Thanks to a number of volunteers it is possible to organise filling these gaps.

The entry of Coptic is continuing well.
CPR XX has been completed. Much of CPR II and IV have been entered as well as numerous bilinugal texts. There is ongoing work on O.Frange and P.KRU. In this area huge thanks for their steadfast work are due to Anne Boudhors, Esther Garel, Georg Schmelz, Maria-Jesus Albarran and Alain Delattre who do the most lifting.

SB XXVIII will added to HGV and ready for entry at the beginning of next year.

All the best

R. Ast, L. Berkes, James M.S. Cowey, J.D. Sosin

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