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Accessions of the Griffith Institute Archive 2015


The personal diary of Mrs Minnie C. Burton (1876-1957), wife of the British archaeologist and photographer Harry Burton, kept from the 4th of May 1922 to the 20th of October 1926. Acquired at auction thanks to two grants from the Friends of the National Libraries and the Heritage Lottery Fund. See more.

Rubbing and drawing of the emblem of the 16th nome of Lower Egypt, relating to the creation of the Clarendon Press's (Gardiner's) hieroglyphic font by Nina (1881-1965) and Norman de Garis Davies (1865-1941) and Sir Alan H. Gardiner (1879-1963) for use in Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar, which have been added to the material accessioned in 2009. Formerly in the possession of the late Mr D. Wishart and presented by his son Mr A. Wishart.
Mr Robert Thomas Rundle Clark's (1909-1970) research and teaching papers, including notebooks, notes and annotated offprints, as well as some lantern slides, which have joined the material on the iconography of Osiris accessioned in 1971. Presented by his daughter Mrs A. Trowell.
Some additional photographs and family papers of Mr Wilfrid Joseph Dilley (1874-1941), which complements the material accessioned in 2014. Presented by his granddaughter Mrs C. J. Sleight.
Some non-Egyptological additional papers of Mr Terence DuQuesne (1942-2014). Formerly in the possession of his publisher Mr D. Jacobs and presented by Mr J. Matthews.
An additional folder containing notes and photographs of New Kingdom stelae by Professor Alan Schulman (1930-2000), which has been added to the rest of his papers accessioned in 2008, 2009 and 2012. Presented by Dr D. Sweeney.
Some additional negatives, photographs, notes and drawings by Mr Walter Segal (1907-1985) of furniture in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the British Museum and gathered from publications, which have joined the rest of his material accessioned in 2008 and 2014. Presented by Dr M. Eaton-Krauss.
A few additions to the Tutankhamun Archive, including: three copies of the poster of the Semmel Concerts' exhibition 'Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures' in Manchester, internal transfer; a complete set in its original wooden box and a group of duplicates of plates of Tutankhamun’s painted box: Reproduced in colour from the original in the Cairo Museum, by Nina M. Davies and with explanatory text by Alan H. Gardiner (Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1962), internal transfer; a London Underground tube/train advertisement from the 1970s which was on display in the 'Discovering TutAnkhAmun' exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in 2014, presented by Prof J. Baines; a portfolio with newspaper and magazine cuttings, mainly from the contemporary press, including The New York Times and The Illustrated London News, relating to the finding and excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun, collected by Mr F. W. Robinson and presented by Mr W. H. Peck; five brass printing plates from the production of Penelope Fox, Tutankhamun’s Treasure (London: Oxford University Press, 1951), presented by Mrs S. Woodhouse; and two further sets entitled 'Discovering TutAnkhAmun in 3D: Stereoscopic Installation Photographs of the Ashmolean Exhibition, 24 July – 2 November, 2014' created and presented by Ms J. Navratil.
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Accessions of the Griffith Institute Archive 1990-2014

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