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New at OsirisNet: TT100, the tomb of REKHMIRE at Thebes

TT100, the tomb of REKHMIRE at Thebes

Coming from a powerful family that had already supplied before him at least two Viziers to Egypt, Rekhmire occupied the Viziership under Thutmose III and remained there in turn until the first part of the reign of Amenhotep. 

Many thanks to
Peter Sullivan for
this translation
His tomb (or rather its chapel), TT100, is carved at the base of the hill of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. It is exceptional, and historically important for its pictorial quality, especially in the texts it contains, which explain the various functions and responsibilities of the Vizier as well as his duties. It also contains magnificent scenes of foreign peoples’ payment of tribute and the most comprehensive version of the ritual of opening the mouth in all the Theban tombs. Rather well preserved in its most interesting parts, the chapel is recognizable at the first glance into its long room that directly faces the entrance. It is indeed unique because its ceiling rises gradually along its length up to 8m high at its end. 
Images and text are inseparable in ancient Egypt, and this is particularly true in the tomb of Rekhmire which we can illustrate with over 600 photos thanks to the help of many people (see end of article for acknowledgements).
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