Monday, July 20, 2015

Trismegistos News: TM Editors and TM Networks

TM Editors and TM Networks
Mon Jul 20 17:40:10 CEST 2015
Today I can proudly announce the birth a twin set of new sections in Trismegistos: Editors and Networks.
The TM Editors database<> is the result of a standardisation of all information regarding modern authors and editors of Trismegistos Texts, the Bibliographie Papyrologique (as it is accessible in the Papyrological Navigator), and the Demotistische Literaturübersicht, over 20,000 names in all. A substantial part of this information is due to a collaborative effort of PAPYLIST-members, and we hope that with your continued help we will be able to add further information about the editors, and correct possible mistakes.
The editors database is closely connected to the other new section, TM Networks<>. This offers a short introduction to networks, graphic presentations of relations between elements, precisely what a standard database is not good at. There is a growing menu of networks we have produced on the basis of Trismegistos data, from names to editors - and much more to come.
We hope that these new tools will prove useful, and would be happy with feedback about them.
For Trismegistos,
Mark Depauw (Editors) Yanne Broux (Networks)

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