Thursday, July 16, 2015

Coptic Scriptorium URN Resolver -- BETA version

Coptic Scriptorium URN Resolver -- BETA version
Coptic SCRIPTORIUM provides Coptic texts for reading, analysis, and complex searches. The texts are citable and accessible through stable URNs, such as for Shenoute's work Not Because a Fox Barks. This application will provide the most recent version of our documents in the formats currently available for each text. 

If you wish to read Coptic texts, you can view individual documents online (in HTML). We provide HTML visualizations of texts in diplomatic transcriptions (when manuscript information is available) and normalized Coptic text with an English translation (when that translation is available). We also provide an analytical visualization of each text with the Coptic, English (when available), and part of speech information for the Coptic. Documentation on our part of speech tagging explains the part of speech abbreviations and our methodology.

Documentation beneath the text provides information about it, including the version and date of publication online.


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