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The Umm El-Jimal Project Online

[First posted in AWOL 5 December 2013, updated 31 August 2019]

The Umm El-Jimal Project
Main image: Sunset illuminates wispy clouds over the remains of a major ancient building complex known as the 'Barracks' in January, 2010.
Our warm welcome to the Umm el-Jimal Project website! Located in northern Jordan, Umm el-Jimal is home to almost two thousand years of fascinating history and culture—as well as a vibrant modern community. The best-preserved Byzantine town in the Southern Hauran region, archaeological investigation has been underway on location for over a century. This website is part of an ongoing international effort to understand Umm el-Jimal and its regional context from a holistic approach that integrates traditional academic research with cutting-edge technology and a deeply-rooted community perspective. We aim to make an evolving online hub for academic research, cultural preservation, sustainable tourism, and community development at Umm el-Jimal.


The Umm el-Jimal Project's Library page is an evolving digital repository for journal articles, book chapters, reference works, and other publications and printed resources related to ancient and modern Umm el-Jimal. It includes academic and popular material about Umm el-Jimal, beginning from the site's modern era of research with Howard Butler's Princeton expedition all the way through the project partners' most recent work. Several of the works are out of print or otherwise unavailable. All items are made available to download for personal use only, and if under copyright remain the intellectual property of their author(s) and publisher.
The project's main published work, Umm el-Jimal: A Frontier Town and its Landscape in Northern Jordan, Volume 1 (1998), is only available directly from the Journal of Roman Archaeology. However, the book is still in print; purchase inquiries are welcome at jra [at] journalofromanarch [dot] com.
Have a copy of and appropriate rights to an already published resource not available here, regardless of language? Please Contact Us to share relevant publications.
Main image: Inscription closeup.

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