Saturday, January 3, 2015

Open Access Journal: Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal (SEE-J)

 [First posted in AWOL 9 December 2011, updated 3 January 2015]

Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal (SEE-J)
ISSN: 1904-2159
Scandinavian Evangelical E-Journal (SEE-J) is a peer-reviewed academic journal within the field of Biblical Studies in the evangelical tradition, published by the Copenhagen Lutheran School.

Access to SEE-J is free, and it is possible to subscribe to a notification service on new editions to SEE-J.
SEE-J continues SEE-JNTS and Nordisk Teologi (discontinued December 31, 2010). Articles published in the 2010 Volume of SEE-JNTS has been republished as volume 1 (2010) of SEE-J.

Articles published in previous volumes of Nordisk Teologi can be accessed by clicking HERE!


Vol 1 (2010)

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