Friday, November 11, 2011

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
The South Asia Language and Area Center at University of Chicago, Columbia University, and the Triangle South Asia Consortium in North Carolina are creating and disseminating electronic dictionaries. For each of the twenty-six modern literary languages of South Asia, a panel of language experts identified key dictionaries currently in print and selected at least one multilingual dictionary for each language. For the more frequently taught languages, a monolingual dictionary also has been chosen. After identifying the best available resources, the chosen dictionaries have been converted to digital formats.

The project proposal is available in PDF format.

Assamese Khowar Pali Tamil
Baluchi Konkani Panjabi Telugu
Bengali Lushai Pashto Torwali
English Malayalam Persian Urdu
Gujarati Manipuri Rajasthani Comparative
Hindi Marathi Sanskrit
Kannada Nepali Sindhi
Kashmiri Oriya Sinhala

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