Thursday, September 22, 2011

JSesh Hieroglyphic Editor

JSesh Hieroglyphic Editor

JSesh is a free, open source, editor for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. It's currently quite powerful, and it covers most of the so-called Manuel de Codage.
If you use JSesh, please register. Registering is free, and useful for everyone.
  • JSesh is a complete and professionnaly usable hieroglyphic editor.
  • JSesh texts can be copied and pasted into other softwares (as MS/Word or Openoffice). It is also possible to create pictures in various graphical formats (jpeg, png, pdf, svg, emf, macpict, etc...)
  • It is is definitly allowed to use JSesh for publication. Mention of its use (in the same way one does mention fonts used in a book) would be nice, but is not an absolute requirement.
  • JSesh is free: you can download and use it at no cost, and give copies of it.
  • JSesh is opensource: its java code is freely available (under the LGPL license). For the user, it's definitly safer, as it means that, even if its present author was unable to work on it, other computer scientists might take on the development.
  Latest Release


Bug fixes, and improvement
  • Keyboard shortcuts for "insert space" and "insert half space" are back due to popular demand
  • Fixed a problem with Unicode transliteration font. Also use the correct font when copy/pasting as RTF text (works in Mellel and OpenOffice at least)
  • clear all/select all should work
  • Direct copy paste on windows If you select "EMF" as clipboard format on Windows, you will be able to paste your JSesh text directly in softwares like PowerPoint
  • some changes in preferences were not always taken into account on Mac OS X. Solved.
  • Alas, still no version for Mac OS X Tiger.

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