Friday, May 28, 2010

LCTL database of Less Commonly Taught Languages course offerings in North America

LCTL Database of Less Commonly Taught Languages Course Offerings Upgrade

The LCTL project is happy to announce that the LCTL database of Less Commonly Taught Languages course offerings in North America has been upgraded to a new more reliable server and a new platform.


Have a look:

We are happy to continue maintaining the database, which has been a part of CARLA since 1993 (remember Gopher?).

Not only have we made technical upgrades, we now have more fields that people can search on when they want to locate courses. In addition to the standard searchable items (language, state, institution, k-12, summer, post-secondary), we have added more search options: click on ‘advanced options’ and a larger page opens, From here, you can search for levels offered, availability, emphasis or focus of the course, degrees offered by the relevant department, whether there is a tightly integrated study abroad component, if the institution is part of a consortium like CIC, The U of California consortium, the Five Colleges in Massachusetts. Fields now have expanded ‘help’ explanations.

The value of this database certainly depends on its completeness and accuracy. You are urged to look at the courses you know about or are involved in, and submit updates, corrections or deletions. The top of every page which gives details about a course, offers a link to the correction page and an option to check if the course no longer is being offered. After you submit new details, you will receive an email confirmation. As soon as the project verifies the submission, we will add it to the available records.

For those interested in statistics, we currently have

9,287 college/university listings (from Acholi to Zulu)

2,853 listings k-12 for LCTLs

254 distance ed offerings

237 summer 2010 courses

I hope you contact me with comments, questions or suggestions.

Louis Janus

Have a look:

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