Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens - Open Meeting 2009

The ASCSA has published a videocast and transcript of the March 13, 2009 Open Meeting of the School, presentated in Cotsen Hall on the campus in Kolonaki Athens.

The Director of the ASCSA, Jack Davis, summarized the accomplishments of the departments of the School and its sponsored and affiliated excavations, followed by Thomas Brogan, Director of the INSTAP Study Center in East Crete. Dr. Brogan discussed the tastes and smells of Minoan Crete, as revealed by recent excavations at three sites.

Jack Davis' presentation discussed Excavation and Survey projects at:
The Athenian Agora
and the five projects which were affiliated with the School in 2008: a new survey at Plakias in the Rethymnon district of Crete; continuing excavations at Koutsoungila-Kechries in the Corinthia, at Mt. Lykaion in Arkadia, and at Mitrou in East Locris; and survey and architectural studies at Korphos in the Corinthia.
Shorter reports on publication, study for publication, and conservation at older excavations throughout Greece included: Isthmia Museum, Nemea, Samothrace, Gournia Survey, and the Azoria Project

Tom Brogan's presentation included discussion of Mochlos, Papadiokambos, and Chrissi Island.

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