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Connected Contests: Ancient Athletes Online

Connected Contests: Ancient Athletes Online
Connected Contests
Connected Contests is a website hosted by the University of Groningen, with the ultimate aim of serving as a collaborative tool for specialist studies on ancient athletics and festivals, including spatial and network analyses. The website will allow users to retrieve prosopographical and geographical information about athletes and festivals via a user-friendly interface. The website connects with other sites and contains prosopographical links to Trismegistos ( - University of Leuven, Mark de Pauw), with spatial links to Pleiades ( - Stoa Consortium, Tom Elliot), epigraphic links to the PHI Greek Inscriptions ( - Packhard Humanities Institute) and will be linked with the Hellenistic athletes database ( - University of Mannheim, Christian Mann, Sebastian Scharff).
Connected Contests is part of an ongoing project divided into phases:
  • Phase 1 (2017) - design online database of ancient athletes and performers
  • Phase 2 (planned) - integration of spatial searches and interface allowing for user input
  • Phase 3 (projected 2018-2020) - expansion with additional festival data  
We are currently in Phase 1. The immediate aim is to compile an on-line prosopographical database of ancient athletes and performers in the Roman world based on reference collections and epigraphic corpora. The initial focus was on the design of the database  and ont systematic collection, updating and digitisation of existing collections of evidence for particular types of victors, such as Olympic victors, and Isthmian victors. So far we have concentrated on entering the data on the Isthmian victors.
Follow our progress on our blog.

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