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Open Access Journal: Thersites: Journal for Transcultural Presences & Diachronic Identities from Antiquity to Date

 [First posted on AWOL 21 July 2016, updates 22 May 2019]

Thersites: Journal for Transcultural Presences & Diachronic Identities from Antiquity to Date
ISSN: 2364-7612
thersites is an international open access journal for innovative transdisciplinary classical studies founded in 2014 by Christine Walde, Filippo Carlà and Christian Stoffel.
  • thersites expands classical reception studies by reflecting on Greco-Roman antiquity as present phenomenon and diachronic culture that is part of today’s transcultural and highly diverse world. Antiquity, in our understanding, does not merely belong to the past, but is always experienced and engaged in the present.
  • thersites contributes to the critical review on methods, theories, approaches and subjects in classical scholarship, which currently seems to be awkwardly divided between traditional perspectives and cultural turns.
  • thersites brings together scholars, writers, essayists, artists and all kinds of agents in the culture industry to get a better understanding of how antiquity constitutes a part of today’s culture and (trans-)forms our present.




Vasileios Pappas
Hans Kopp


Fabien Bièvre-Perrin


Michael Kleu
Claire Stocks, Barbara Birley, Rob Collins


Caligula, imperatore insanum: an Interview
James Kelly, Christie Shinn
Theodora "Rewritten": An Interview with the Author of two Historical Novels about the Empress Theodora: Stella Duffy
Vivian Colbert, Stella Duffy


The Illusions of Biography. Women in Classical Scholarship: A Review
Marco Formisano
Review: Miryana Dimitrova, Julius Caesar’s Self-Created Image and Its Dramatic Afterlife
Andelko Mihanovic
Review: M. Janka / M. Stierstorfer, Verjüngte Antike. Griechisch-römische Mythologie und Historie in zeitgenössischen Kinder- und Jugendmedien (2017)
Irene Berti
Review: A. Chapman, Digital Games as History (2016) & A. Reinhard, Archaeogaming (2018)
Christian Rollinger
Review: B. Roling / B. Schirg / S.H. Bauhaus, Apotheosis of the North: The Swedish Appropriation of Classical Antiquity (2017)
Isak Hammar
Review: Alessandro Carrera, Fellini’s Eternal Rome. Paganism and Christianity in the Films of Federico Fellini (London 2018) (= Classical Receptions in Twentieth-Century Writing)
Domitilla Campanile


Bd. 6 (2017): Advertising Antiquity

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