Monday, February 18, 2013

Open Access Journal: JVRP White Papers in Archaeological Technology

JVRP White Papers in Archaeological Technology (WPAT)
The WPAT series is designed to document the variety of technologies employed in the field and lab by the Jezreel Valley Regional Project. In some cases similar technologies are already being used by other excavations, in other cases, we present new technologies or new applications and procedures for existing technologies. In the papers below, you will find detailed summaries of technologies and their applications in archaeology, step by step procedures for using these technologies, detailed bibliographies and links for further information. Our goals for the WPAT program are to document and to make transparent our data acquisition as a supplement to our other publications, and to provide useful guides for other archaeological projects to utilize as they see fit. The papers are dynamic - they will be updated with new ideas, techniques, and technology over time.

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