Tuesday, February 11, 2014

British Institute at Ankara Online Publications (Roman Roads and Milestones)

British Institute at Ankara Online Publications

The BIAA’s online publications initiative aims to publish substantial works which the BIAA considers especially well suited to the online format.

Proposals from authors are welcomed. As with all BIAA publications, submissions will be subject to peer review. For further information, please contact the director of the BIAA, Dr Lutgarde Vandeput. Please note that this initiative will focus on substantial works and that articles for publication by the BIAA should be submitted to Anatolian Studies.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the newest text in this series, Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Imperial: Asia’ by David French. Download it here »

To read the publications, you will need the free PDF Reader (download it here). Please use the links below to download the presentations in PDF format:

Recent publications in the series
1. Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Republican Milestones’ (21.4MB) 2. Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Imperial: Galatia Milestones’ (49.6MB) 3. Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Imperial: Cappadocia Milestones’ (46.7MB) 4. Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Imperial: Pontus et Bithynia Milestones’ (20.2MB) 5. Roman Roads and Milestones, ‘Imperial: Asia Milestones’ (32.8 MB)

Further Roman Roads and Milestones fascicules will follow later this year.

To launch the online publications project, we presented a previously unpublished article by David French: Funerary Stelae from Paphlagonia (3.3MB).

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