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Open Access Journal: ‘Atiqot

 [First posted 10/31/10, most recently updated 4 November 2018]

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'Atiqot is the refereed journal of the Israel Antiquities Authority. It is published four times a year. The contents of the printed version is uploaded to the e-journal website. No changes are made to articles post-publication. The printed journal is available via the IAA website.

For details on how to submit, see our Guide to Contributors.

Range of Topics. ‘Atiqot covers a large chronological span, from prehistory up to the Ottoman period. Excavations are studied from various aspects and disciplines—often the result of the close interaction between researchers of the IAA and outside specialists. Thus, a report should include, in addition to the stratigraphic analysis, comprehensive treatments of the archaeological data, including studies of the various groups of finds, such as ceramics, glass, stone and metal objects, coins, jewelry, textiles, etc., as well as the geological, botanical, faunal and anthropological evidence. Laboratory analyses, such as petrography, radiocarbon dating and metallurgy, should be included where relevant.

The archaeological data published in ‘Atiqot are not confined to a specific range of periods or topics, but to a geographical area—the Land of Israel—which has been influenced by almost every ancient culture that existed in the Levant. The journal thus presents comprehensive research on the region and its connections with the neighboring countries. The publication is devoted to final reports and shorter articles, although occasionally a volume is dedicated to a particular topic (e.g., burial caves, agricultural installations), period (e.g., prehistoric, Islamic) or site (e.g., Acre, Jerusalem).

Excavation Reports. The papers published in ‘Atiqot are primarily the result of salvage excavations conducted by the IAA. Their results are sometimes unexpectedly important, filling in gaps that could not be understood by localized studies of the larger tells. ‘Atiqot is one of the few vehicles for imparting this important data and therefore a primary asset to any scholar in archaeology.

Bilingual Journal. The journal is bilingual, publishing articles in English or Hebrew; all Hebrew reports are accompanied by English summaries keyed to illustrations in the main text.
Current Issue:
‘Atiqot 92 (2018) ISBN 978-965-406-689-1
  • Ḥorbat ‘Ofrat in the Late Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods (pp. 1–68)
    Yardenna Alexandre
    Keywords: Lower Galilee, numismatics, fauna, economy, cross, ethnicity, burial, glass, agriculture, monastery, Fatamid period, Jews, Christians, Great Revolt
    • The Glass Finds from Ḥorbat ‘Ofrat (pp. 69–82)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, glass production
    • The Coins from Ḥorbat ‘Ofrat (pp. 83–92)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, numismatics, mint, hoard
    • The Fauna from Ḥorbat ‘Ofrat (pp. 93–104)
      Nimrod Marom
      Keywords: Lower Galilee, archaeozoology, burning, economy
  • The Spina (Barrier) of the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (Hebrew, pp. 1*–62*; English summary, pp. 217–230)
    Yosef Porath
    Keywords: Roman leisure culture, facility, entertainment, architecture
    • A Chronological Revision of the Date of the Pottery Finds from the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 105–136)
      Peter Gendelman
      Keywords: Classical period, ceramics, typology, chronology
    • The Oil Lamps from the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 137–140)
      Yosef Porath
      Keywords: pottery, mold-made, wheel-made
    • Statues from the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 141–159)
      Rivka Gersht
      Keywords: Roman art, architecture, sculpture, iconography
    • The Coins from the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 161–166)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: numismatics
    • A Greek Curse Tablet from the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 167–174)
      Robert Daniel and Yosef Porath
      Keywords: epigraphy, Roman leisure culture, facility, entertainment
    • Anastylosis of the Obelisk in the Eastern Circus at Caesarea Maritima (pp. 175–192)
      Yoram Sa‘ad
      Keywords: technology, reconstruction, conservation
  • Remains from the Roman until the Crusader Periods in Tiberias, Aviv Hotel (with a contribution by Yael Gorin-Rosen) (Hebrew, pp. 63*–88*; English summary, pp. 231–233)
    Oren Zingboym, Aharon Amitai and Dina Avshalom-Gorni
    Keywords: architecture, city limits, imported pottery, typology, water supply
    • Tiberias, Aviv Hotel: Domestic and Industrial Pottery from the Abbasid and Crusader Periods (pp. 193–216)
      Edna J. Stern
      Keywords: typology, sugar production, molasses jars, kiln bars, pottery production, trade, imports, Mediterranean Sea, Frankish, scallop shell, pilgrim badge, Santiago de Compostela
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