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AVI : Attic Vase Inscriptions : Attische Vaseninschriften

 [First posted 9/24/09.  Updated 6 December 2016]

AVI : Attic Vase Inscriptions : Attische Vaseninschriften
Wachter, Rudolf

AVI (Attic Vase Inscriptions / Attische Vaseninschriften) is an extended and web-based continuation and development of Henry R. Immerwahr's CAVI (Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions). AVI's main part is the interactive database, which is now ready in its preliminary version, but we also provide informations about the project's prehistory (by Henry Immerwahr), protohistory, and present and future aims, bibliography (more than 3000 titles), as well as some texts on alphabets and phonology of the Attic dialect. 

You can download Henry Immerwahr's original CAVI as a pdf (version of January 2008, 7.7 MB, new version of January 2009, 6.8 MB, here mirrored from the original website, see also http://www.lib.unc.edu/dc/attic/index.html).

CAVI has been completely integrated into the AVI database, whereby, as a first step, the bibliographical references and many more things have been unified in order to make them searchable. The content has not been changed, however, except for small additions by R.W., added in double square brackets [[...]], and quite a few corrections, mainly in the bibliographical sections.

On 17 February 2010, I was happy to present our new site, designed and programmed by Simone Hiltscher. It replaces the first site of 2004. On 13 December our search form was put online, which allows you to search the database according to precise criteria. In February 2011, the free text search followed. In the meantime many new features have been added (see the third report). The next big step was to prepare the entry forms for additions, corrections, and photographs. The first (Insert Data) is ready and currently being tested, the second (Update Data) and third (Upload Images) will be ready by September 2016. From then on it will be very comfortable to enhance the AVI Database both for ourselves and for external (registered) collaborators. In November 2016 everything will be clear.

We hope you find AVI useful and interesting and hope you come back regularly.
Rudolf Wachter

Last update 2016-04-15

CAVI PDF (Jan. 2008)  
CAVI PDF (Jan. 2009)

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