Monday, August 29, 2022

The Minerva Center for the Relations between Israel and Aram in Biblical Times Mini-MOOC

RIAB Center "Mini-MOOC"

As part of the RIAB Center's public outreach, we have decided to put up a "Mini-MOOC" (=mini Massive Open Online Course) in which short video clips, by various members of the RIAB Center, on topics that are part of the Center's activities, are presented. These clips (that are no longer than 10-15 minutes), aim to introduce these topics to interested lay people, students and researchers. This will provide an introduction to these topics, and give an idea about the breadth of topics that are broached as part of the Center's activities.

Here are links to these clips:

* Prof. Aren Maeir (RIAB Center co-Director, BIU): Hazael of Aram at Philistine Gath

* Prof. Yigal Levin (BIU): Aram and Arameans in Chronicles

* Dr. Nava Panitz-Cohen (HUJI): Tel Abel Bet Maacah: A northern border city between Israelites, Arameans and Phoenicians

* Dr. Omer Sergi (TAU): State formation in the Early Iron Age Levant (11th-8th centuries BCE)

* Dr. Assaf Kleiman (BGU): The Wars of Aram Damascus against Israel and its Neighbors


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