Sunday, March 13, 2022

Open Access Monograph Series: Decorative Principles in Late Republican and Early Imperial Italy

Edited by: Annette Haug
ISSN: 2702-4989
eISSN: 2702-4997

DECOR is the first series that considers decorative phenomena in a comprehensive way. It moves away from the study of single decorative elements in isolation, focusing instead upon their spatial-architectural and visual correlation and integration. This means that the individual studies analyse not only images, but also ornamental forms of decor. As such, they discuss the visual relationship between decorative elements with differing levels of associated semantics. These elements are assessed precisely with regard to their spatial setting. Thus, the series provides new analyses of image-spaces, or rather ‘decor-spaces’, while bringing the perceptual attitudes of the viewer to the fore, as well.

The geographical focus is on Italy, the chronological framework ranges from the 2nd century B.C. to the late 1st century A.D. This period saw profound political and social upheaval but also fundamental changes in decorative principles, providing an ideal starting point for analyses of the relationships between shifting forms of action and experience, as well as variations in strategies of decor.

book: Materiality in Roman Art and Architecture
Book Open Access 2021
Volume 3 in this series
book: Principles of Decoration in the Roman World
Book Open Access 2021
Volume 2 in this series
book: Decor-Räume in pompejanischen Stadthäusern
Book Open Access 2020
Volume 1 in this series
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