Thursday, October 21, 2021

Torah, Temple, Land: Constructions of Judaism in Antiquity

Edited by Markus Witte, Jens Schröter, and Verena M. Lepper

Dieser Band widmet sich den Erscheinungsformen, in denen das Judentum in der Antike Gestalt annahm. Bekanntlich war das antike Judentum eine Religion in ständigem Wandel, mit unterschiedlichen Perspektiven auf zentrale Kategorien wie Tora, Tempel und Heiliges Land. Was als »Judentum« oder »jüdisch« angesehen wurde, stand demnach nicht einfach fest, sondern musste stets neu verhandelt werden.


Jens Schröter/Markus Witte/Verena Lepper: Introduction – Peter Schäfer: Judaism or Judaisms: The Construction of Ancient Judaism – Benedikt Hensel: Debating Temple and Torah in the Second Temple Period. Theological and Political Aspects of the Final Redaction(s) of the Pentateuch – Sebastian Grätz: The Golah, the Temple and the Torah in the Book of Ezra: Biblical and religious-historical perspectives on Judah and Jerusalem in post-exilic times – Stefan Schorch: »Mount Garizim is the house of God and the dwelling place for his glory«: The origins and early history of Samaritan theology – Karel van der Toorn: The Religion of the Elephantine Jews – John J. Collins: Jewish Communities in the Dead Sea Scrolls – Charlotte Hempel: The Dead Sea Scrolls: Challenging the Particularist Paradigm – Robert Kugler: Finding »Judaism« in Documentary Papyri: The Case of the Petitions from the Herakleopolis Archive – Lutz Doering: Torah and Temple in Judaean Pseudepigrapha From Jubilees to Fourth Ezra and Second Baruch – Gabriele Boccaccini: What Does the Forgiving Jesus Have to Do with the Unforgiving Enoch? Forgiveness of Sins in the Enochic Traditions – Maren R. Niehoff: Constructing Temple and Torah in Philo of Alexandria – Martin Goodman: Paul as Persecutor and the History of Judaism – Adela Yarbro Collins: What Sort of Jew is the Jesus of Mark? – René Bloch: Jew or Judean: The Latin Evidence – Werner Eck: Die – fast – unsichtbare jüdische Diaspora im Westen des Imperium Romanum vor der Spätantike – Shaye J.D. Cohen: Jews and Judaism in Antioch as Portrayed by John Chrysostom and the Rabbinic Sages – Catherine Hezser: The Contested Image of King David in Rabbinic and Patristic Literature and Art of Late Antiquity 

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ISBN 978-3-16-159854-8
Open Access: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
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