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The Good Christian Ruler in the First Millennium: Views from the Wider Mediterranean World in Conversation

Edited by: Philip Michael Forness, Alexandra Hasse-Ungeheuer and Hartmut Leppin
book: The Good Christian Ruler in the First Millennium 
Volume 92 in the series Millennium-Studien / Millennium Studies
  • Published: July 19, 2021
  • ISBN: 9783110725612

The late antique and early medieval Mediterranean was characterized by wide-ranging cultural and linguistic diversity. Yet, under the influence of Christianity, communities in the Mediterranean world were bound together by common concepts of good rulership, which were also shaped by Greco-Roman, Persian, Caucasian, and other traditions. This collection of essays examines ideas of good Christian rulership and the debates surrounding them in diverse cultures and linguistic communities. It grants special attention to communities on the periphery, such as the Caucasus and Nubia, and some essays examine non-Christian concepts of good rulership to offer a comparative perspective. As a whole, the studies in this volume reveal not only the entanglement and affinity of communities around the Mediterranean but also areas of conflict among Christians and between Christians and other cultural traditions. By gathering various specialized studies on the overarching question of good rulership, this volume highlights the possibilities of placing research on classical antiquity and early medieval Europe into conversation with the study of eastern Christianity. 

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Introduction: Expanding the Discourse on Good Christian Rulership
Philip Michael Forness, Alexandra Hasse-Ungeheuer and Hartmut Leppin
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A. The Good Christian Ruler in the Roman Empire

Finding a Common Cause: Fourth-Century Greek Discourses on Rulership
Hartmut Leppin
Open Access
The Good Sinful Ruler: Ambrose of Milan and Theodosius I
Mikhail A. Boytsov
Open Access
The Emperor’s Two Cities: Augustine’s Image of the Good Christian Ruler in De civitate Dei 5.24
Kai Preuß
Open Access
Pious and Impious Christian Rulers According to Egyptian Historiography and Hagiography: A First Survey of the Evidence
Alberto Camplani
Open Access
Faithful Rulers and Theological Deviance: Ephrem the Syrian and Jacob of Serugh on the Roman Emperor
Philip Michael Forness
Open Access

B. The Good Christian Ruler between Persia and Rome

Images of the Good Ruler in Sasanian Iran: An Emic View
Josef Wiesehöfer
Open Access
Representations of Rulership in Late Antique Armenia
Tim Greenwood
Open Access
The Depiction of the Arsacid Dynasty in Medieval Armenian Historiography
Azat Bozoyan
Open Access
Vakhtang I Gorgasali (r. 447–522) as a Christian Monarch in Georgia: His Depiction in the Life of Kartli
Udo Reinhold Jeck
Open Access
The Creation of a “Pious” Image of King Vačʽagan II (r. c. 485–523) of Caucasian Albania in the Tale of Vačʽagan (Early Sixth Century)
Aleksan Hakobyan
Open Access
Concerning Four Kings From the Land of ‘Deep Ravines, Dense Forests and Dark Thickets’
Igor Dorfmann-Lazarev
Open Access

C. The Good Christian Ruler in Post‐Roman Traditions

The Good Ruler from a Papal Perspective: Continuities and Discontinuities in Papal Letters from the Fourth to Eighth Centuries
Florian Hartmann
Open Access
The Image of the Christian Ruler in the Catholic Monarchy of Visigothic Spain: Julian of Toledo’s Historia Wambae
Wolfram Drews
Open Access
Goodness and Cruelty: The Image of the Ruler of the First Bulgarian Empire in the Period of Christianisation (Ninth Century)
Daniel Ziemann
Open Access
A Christian King in Africa: The Image of Christian Nubian Rulers in Internal and External Sources
Adam Łajtar and Grzegorz Ochała
Open Access

D. The Good Ruler under Islamic Rule

Justice and Good Administration in Medieval Islam: The Book of the Pearl of the Ruler by Ibn ʿAbd Rabbih (860–940)
Isabel Toral-Niehoff
Open Access
Images of Emperors and Emirs in Early Islamic Egypt
Phil Booth
Open Access
Shaping the Good Christian King under Muslim Rule: Constantine and the Torah in the Melkite Arabic Chronicle of Agapius of Mabbug (Tenth Century)
Maria Conterno
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Index of Persons and Places
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