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Attic Inscriptions Online Updates in 2017

Attic Inscriptions Online Updates in 2017
15 September 2017: This release further enhances coverage of key documents of 403-353 BC, adding or revising: RO 25 (Silver coinage law), RO 26 (Grain tax law), RO 33 and RO 34 (Dionysios of Syracuse), RO 35 (Protest to Aitolian League), RO 36 (Sales of confiscated property and mine leases), RO 38 (Menelaos the Pelagonian), RO 41 (Alliance with Peloponnesian cities after Mantinea), RO 44 (Thessalian federation). Also new are the funerary monument for the midwife and doctor, Phanostrate (4th cent. BC), IG II2 6873, and a dedication newly identified as probably relating to the same woman, IG II3 4, 700; dedications relating to the doctor, Jason of Acharnai (2nd cent. AD), IG II3 4, 808 and 836; further 4th cent. BC dedications by the Council or Assembly: IG II3 4, 1; 2; 4; 5; 6; some significant 3rd cent. BC inscriptions from Rhamnous (translations only): I Rham. 1 (Soldiers honour unit leaders), 3 (Honours for general Epichares), 4 (Honours for general and soldiers), 6 (Honours for demarch), 7 (Divine honours for king Antigonos), 10 (Honours for general), 17 (Honours for Dikaiarchos of Thria); three inscriptions of 4th cent. AD: IG II2 5, 13252, 13253, 13293. We are also pleased to announce the start on 1 Oct. of the 4-year AHRC-funded project, Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections (AIUK).
12 July 2017: In this release we continue to expand and deepen coverage of key documents of 403-353 BC, revising and/or adding notes to: RO 17 (Athenian relations with Erythrai), RO 18 (Klazomenai), RO 19 (Phanokritos of Parion), RO 20 (Chios), RO 21 (Straton of Sidon), RO 22 (Prospectus of Second Athenian League), RO 23 and RO 24 (early agreements with League allies), RO 29 (Paros), RO 31 (Mytilene), RO 33 and RO 34 (Dionysios of Syracuse), RO 39 (Ioulis), RO 52 (Andros); adding new translations of the decrees for the seer, Sthorys of Thasos, IG II2 17, and regulating the export of ochre from Keos, RO 40; and adjusting notes to other inscriptions of 403-353 BC. Also new are a dedication of a statue of Democracy by the Council of 333/2 BC, IG II3 4, 3; two markers of properties mortgaged to friendly societies (eranistai), IG II2 2721 and Agora XIX H84; the extensive epigraphical record of the cult of the "Thracian" deity, Bendis, IG I3 136, IG II2 1255, 1256, 1283, 1284, 1324, 1361, 1317b, SEG 44.60, SEG 59.151, 152, 155, IG II3 4, 591; and some significant 3rd cent. BC inscriptions (translations only), Agora XV 69, IG II2 1225, I Eleus. 182, 184, 193, 196.
12 June 2017: Today we publish AIO Papers 8, which includes an introduction to inscribed Athenian decrees of the 5th century BC and historical discussion of two important documents of the Athenian Empire, the Chalkis decree (IG I3 40) and the tribute reassessment decree ("Thoudippos' decree", IG I3 71). We have also upgraded the Browse facility to enable browsing by date and introduced an Advanced Search.
9 March 2017: Today we publish 186 new translations, completing our coverage of the decrees of the Council and Assembly of 200/199-168/7 BC, IG II3 1, 1258- IG II3 1, 1461. Every inscription published to date in IG II3 1 has now been translated on AIO. Two of the new translations include small new changes to texts printed in IG II3, explained in the sidenotes: IG II3 1, 1281 (honouring a cavalry commander); IG II3 1, 1387 (honouring service to the Eleusinian deities). Translations and notes published previously have also been updated, mainly, but not only, those in the range IG II3 1, 1256- IG II3 1, 1461. Other new translations are of the choregic monument of Lysikrates, IG II3 4, 460, and some hellenistic inscriptions relating to the cavalry and their commanders: Agora XVI 270/1; I Eleus. 183; IG II2 1264; SEG 21.525; SEG 46.167; IG II3 4, 281.
10 January 2017: This update completes coverage of the revision of Athenian law at the end of the 5th century BC: sacrificial calendar of Athens (including new readings), SEG 52.48A and SEG 52.48B; law about the trierarchy, IG I3 236a; law about taxes or contributions, IG I3 237; law fragment, SEG 39.18; revised notes to Draco's homicide law, IG I3 104. It also begins revising and expanding coverage of key historical inscriptions of 403-353 BC: decrees of 401/0 BC honouring Athenians and foreigners who resisted the Thirty, SEG 28.45, RO 4; alliance with Boeotia, 395 BC, RO 6; memorials of infantry and cavalry killed in Corinthian War, 394 BC, IG II2 5221, IG II2 5222, IG II2 6217; restoration of Piraeus walls, 395/4-394/3, IG II2 1656, 1657; honours for Dionysios of Syracuse, 394/3 BC, RO 10; for Euagoras of Salamis, 394/3 BC, RO 11; decree relating to Klazomenai, 387/6 BC (with new fragment), RO 18. The update also includes the following further inscriptions relating to religion: law on repairs of sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron, SEG 52.104; provisions for priests and priestesses (in Aixone?), SEG 54.214; dedication of a house and garden to Asklepios, IG II2 4969; decree of Aixone awarding honours for management of a festival, SEG 46.154; tribal decree honouring a priest of Asklepios, IG II2 1163; honours for religious officials at Aixone, IG II2 1199; decree regulating cult, IG II2 1234; two commemorative herms of the 3rd cent. A.D., IG II2 3764, IG II2 3960; a choregic dedication (from Aixone?), IG II3 4, 498; and a funerary columella, IG II2 9160. Image links have been expanded to include images on the Agora excavations website and on Wikimedia Commons.

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