Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Termination of Transfer empowers authors to regain control of their work

Termination of Transfer
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The Termination of Transfer (“ToT”) tool, a collaboration between Authors Alliance and Creative Commons, empowers authors to regain control of their work. This tool enables authors to learn about termination of transfer provisions, which allow authors to terminate licensing arrangements they have made with publishers that have prevented them from sharing openly or otherwise re-releasing their works. Anyone, including artists, photographers, scholars, and scientists, can use this new tool to discover more about eligibility and timing requirements for  the right to take back rights previously assigned away. While this tool is currently U.S.-based only, Creative Commons plans to internationalize it for use worldwide.
Authors Alliance manages the website, its content, the tool, and engagement with the public. Creative Commons hosts the website and the ToT tool, and provides technical support. Please direct all inquiries about the site to

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