Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ursus project

Ursus project
An experimental scholarly digital edition of section De nomine (folia 1r-11r) of the Adbreviatio artis grammaticae by Ursus from Benevento from codex Casanatensis 1086 (IX century), edited by Paolo Monella within the ALIM Project (2016).

Source files

  • AToS.csv: the table of signs of the Alphabetic Layer of the edition
  • GToS.csv: the table of signs of the Graphematic Layer of the edition (a key part of this edition)
  • casanatensis.xml: the source XML/TEI transcription of the manuscript (the heart of this edition)
  • lemmatized_casanatensis.xml: in this version of casanatensis.xml, each <w> (word) element has a @lemma and an @ana element to identify it as, for example, the genitive singular of lemma homo, -inis (this is a temporary file as of March 20, 2016: when I'll review the result of the automatic lemmatization, this will become the only version)


  • jsparser.js: the JavaScript to visualize casanatensis.xml in a browser
  • sheet.xsl: a first experiment in creating a XSLT file to visualize casanatensis.xml in a browser. I then abandoned XSLT and used JavaScript instead (see jsparser.js)
  • stylesheet.css: the CSS stylesheet for transcription.html
  • transcription.html: the HMTL file in which, thanks to jsparser.js, the user can read the edition. To view this file (and therefore the edition) in your browser, and not just its source code, go to


  • glyph_images: this folder includes jpeg images of the glyphs found in the manuscript
  • lemma: this folder includes my experiments with lemmatization/POS (part of speech) tagging
  • minidomToolBox: this folder includes the script that I'm using to traverse the DOM of casanatensis.xml
  • The full documentation on this edition
  • a Python script facilitating my work of keying in casanatensis.xml

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