Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis: Digital Resource Center

[First posted in AWOL 15 April 2015, updated 19 December 2023]

The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis: Digital Resource Center
This web site is the product of collaborative work by the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis with design and development by Vermonster LLC, and contributions from a great many friends around the world.

We are particularly grateful to the Vedat Nedim Tör Museum of the Yapı Kredi Bankası in Istanbul for permission to reproduce the photographs, essays, and catalog from the 2010 exhibition The Lydians and Their World, which formed the initial core of the web site, and especially to its director Şennür Şentürk and her assistant Nihat Tekdemir, who made the exhibition such a success. We are also extremely appreciative of the generous support of our work by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.
We are now working to enter information from volumes and articles published by the Sardis Expedition to the database that drives this web site, including Reports and Monographs, and preliminary reports and other articles. These will thus be fully searchable, with additional photographs, drawings, context information, bibliography, and other data. Future publications will be included in this on-line database. This work on the database and website is overseen by Theresa Huntsman in conjunction with Bahadır Yıldırım, Katherine Kiefer, Robin Woodman and Elizabeth Gombosi in the Sardis Office at the Harvard Art Museums, and Nicholas Cahill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has been carried out by a number of students and staff at Harvard and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Among the students who have contributed in recent years are William Bruce, Ashley Cook, Morgan Lemmer-Webber, Vladimir Bošković, Joe Glynias, Caitlin Murphy, Jude Russo, Peter Russo, John Sigmier, and Naomi Wills. We are also grateful for the guidance of Susanne Ebbinghaus, V. Judson Harward, Jeff Steward, Wendy Gogel and Vitaly Zakuta.
Translations between Turkish and English have been done by Evren Işınak Bruce, Güzin Eren, Teoman Yalçınkaya, and others. If you notice errors or infelicities in translation or other mistakes, please let us know.

The materials on this web site are intended for educational purposes, and are released under the specific Terms of Use.

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