Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classical Studies Resources

Classical Studies Resources
This is a work-in-progress collection of structured data and scripts for Classical Studies/Classics. The data has been compiled and organized from various online resources including the Perseus Project, Dickenson College Commentaries, The Diccionario Griego-Español Project, and L'Année philologique.
Currently, these are the JSON structured files:
  • DCC Greek Core Vocabulary
  • DCC Latin Core Vocabulary
  • Greek Authors
  • Greek Texts
  • Latin Texts
  • L'Année philologique Journal Abbreviations (in two forms)
There are also plain text files:
  • DGE Authors and Works
  • DGE Dictionary Abbreviations
  • Index to Smyth's Greek Grammar
Finally, there is a random collection of scripts (mostly compiled Applescripts) that I have made at various points for various uses. This section requires much cleaning up, refactoring, and organization at this stage. But I am putting them here for now nonetheless.

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