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Open Access Journal: Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin

[First posted in AWOL 9 November 2012, updated 4 December 2022]

Sudan & Nubia: The Sudan Archaeological Research Society Bulletin
ISSN: 1369-5770
Sudan \& Nubia No.17
Sudan & Nubia is published each autumn. It contains much of interest on recent archaeological fieldwork in Sudan, including many articles on surveys and excavations only undertaken during the previous winter.

The bulletin is an ideal way to keep abreast of current British activities in Sudan, and also contains contributions by eminent foreign scholars. It is profusely illustrated with line drawings and monochrome and colour photographs.

Sudan & Nubia is free of charge to Society members, who receive it a year in advance of online release … JOIN THE SOCIETY >

Individual articles can be read (free) through the online reading service ISSUU by following the links below. If a download is preferred, sign up to ISSUU, which will then provide download links (free).

Most recent available issue online:
Sudan & Nubia : No. 24
Bulletin of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society, London, 2020

222 pages
Cover, map, index, end papersdownload [ 2.7Mb ]
Obituariesdownload [ 1.1Mb ]

Yann Ardagna and Marc Maillot. The palace of Muweis and its Medieval necropolisdownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Mohamed Bashir. Kedurma: a Meroitic regional administrative town north of the Third Cataractdownload [ 2.1Mb ]
Laurel Bestock and Christian Knoblauch. Leather, mud and grain: the 2018 excavations in Uronarti Fortressdownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Amanuel Beyin, Abubakr Abdelrahman Adam, Ahmed Alhaj O. Balela and Boshra Abdella Adem. Results of a second season of Paleolithic survey in the Agig area: the Red Sea region of the Sudandownload [ 5.8mb ]
Julia Budka. Kerma presence at Ginis East: the 2020 season of the Munich University Attab to Ferka Survey Projectdownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Gabrielle Choimet. The Meroitic settlement at Damboya: preliminary resultsdownload [ 2.1Mb ]
Nadine DieuDonnéGlad, Charlène Bouchaud, Dominique Gemehl, Samuel Guérin, Marie Millet and Antoine Zazzo. Iron craftsmanship in Muweis, a town of the Meroe Empire: metal production and smithingdownload [ 2.6Mb ]
Mariusz Drzewiecki, Robert Ryndziewicz, Joanna A. Ciesielska, Tomasz Michalik, Maciej Kurcz, Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska and Rajaa Alamein Adam. New fieldwork at Soba East (2019-2020 season)download [ 2.4Mb ]
Fakhri Hassan Abdallah. An archaeological survey of Gadarif State (Eastern Sudan) from 2006-2013download [ 4.8Mb ]
Serge Feneuille. Renders of the Amun Temple Complex in el-Hassa: practices, pigments and painting methodsdownload [ 2.3Mb ]
Gilda Ferrandino and Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei. Potential Old Nubian cognates for Meroitic aleqese
download [ 909k ]
Kathryn Howley. New discoveries at Sanam Temple and its surroundings: Sanam Temple Project, 2019-2020download [ 2.5Mb ]
Francesca Iannarilli. Natakamani and the bronze oil lamp. Some evidence of metallurgy from Jebel Barkaldownload [ 1.3Mb ]
Eleanora Kormysheva. The lion temple at Abu Erteiladownload [ 5.3Mb ]
Adam Łajtar. Literacy in Christian Nubia: perspectives from the Polish mission in Dongoladownload [ 3.2Mb ]
Marc Maillot. The archaeological site of Damboya in the Shendi reach. First seasondownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Michael Mallinson, Helen Mallinson, Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed, Ghalia Gar al-Nabi and Iglal Mohamed Osman el-Malik. Western Sudan Community Museum (WSCM) — British Council Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport — the story so fardownload [ 2.8Mb ]
Liliane Mann and Ben van den Bercken. Shokan. Revival of a forgotten villagedownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Elizabeth Minor, Sarah M. Schellinger, Christopher Sevara, Ahmed El-Ameen Ahmed El-Hassan (Sokhari) and Sajda Adam Omer Ahmed. Laying the groundwork: 2020 survey season and community outreach programme at the Kerma Period settlement site es-Selim R4 in the Northern Dongola Reachdownload [ 2.2Mb ]
Claire Nicholas. Reflections on lost traditions since the 1960s Nubian diasporadownload [ 633k ]
Federica Pancin. Meroitic painted decoration at Jebel Barkal: the external façades of Palace B1500download [ 1.7Mb ]
Alexandra J. Ptacek and Brenda J. Baker. Incorporation of faunal remains in Kerma to Napatan Period burials from the ASU BONE concession between the Fourth and Fifth Cataractsdownload [ 1.4Mb ]
Claude Rilly, Vincent Francigny and Romain David. Collective graves and ba-statues. The 2018 and 2019 campaigns at Sedeingadownload [ 4.1Mb ]
Tsubasa Sakamoto. Christianising a Nubian landscape: a chronology of Post-Meroitic goblets from the Dal Cataractdownload [ 952k ]
Lucy Skinner. Flocks and herds: animal skin and hide exploitation for the manufacture of Nubian leatherdownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Yahia Fadl Tahir. Cairns and below: the el-Ga’ab Depression, Western Dongola Reachdownload [ 1.6Mb ]
Elsa Yvanez. Building textile archaeology in ancient Sudan. The example of the TexMeroe Projectdownload [ 1.4Mb ]

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