Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Croatiae auctores Latini

Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa): Collectio electronica
Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa) is a digital collection of texts by Croatian Latin authors, and by authors somehow connected with people and region of today's Croatia. The collection contains works from the Middle Age (the oldest text currently included is the epitaph of Queen Jelena, from 976) until the Modern Period (Latin poems of Ivan Golub were first published in 1984). 

CroALa aims to enable digital research in the corpus of Croatian Latin in the widest possible sense. Therefore our collection is open to literary and non-literary texts, to prose and poetry, to short works and to the longer ones, to works of high literary value and to trivial documents.
Research is supported by two components of CroALa. The first one are the texts, which are encoded in a subset of TEI XML standard scheme for the representation of texts in digital form. The other component is PhiloLogic, an open-source, full-text search and retrieval system developed by the ARTFL project and the Digital Library Development Center of the University of Chicago. (See more about the components here.) 

Some of the texts included in CroALa are simple keyed-in or corrected OCR digitizations of older, original or scholarly editions; other texts were produced by contemporary philological methods, as digital versions of critical editions. We are well aware that such a collection is methodologically and textually uneven, but, trying to use what is at hand, we do so because we believe that all errors and mistakes in digital texts are easier corrected than those in printed books and journals; moreover, its approximately 19.000 pages make CroALa the largest extant collection of Croatian Latin.

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