Thursday, July 21, 2011

Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE)

Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE)
The Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) is a web-based tool for creating and editing image-based electronic editions and digital archives of humanities texts. Out of the box, TILE 1.0 supports the following tools and functionality:

  • Image markup tool

    Annotate regions of an image by drawing rectangles, polygons, and ellipses, apply labels to selections, and manually create links between sections of an image and transcript lines.

  • Importing and exporting tools

    Import TEI P5 or JSON data directly into TILE or create a script to import from various XML formats. Export your data as TEI or JSON to save your progress or use scripts to output into any XML, HTML, or text-based format. Additional import/export tools can be developed as plugins.

  • Semi-automated line recognizer

    Implemented in javascript, our semi-automated line recognizer annotates images by detecting individual lines on an image, and selects regions of an image based upon those lines.

  • Plugin architecture

    Extend the core functionality of TILE by creating a plugin that can manipulate TILE’s interface, filter and process data, and connect to other tools.

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