Monday, December 13, 2010

News from Perseus

Plutarch, Athenaeus, Elegy and Iambus, the Greek Anthology, Lucian and the Scaife Digital Library – 1.6 million words of Open Content Greek
December 13, 2010: The Perseus Digital Library is pleased to publish TEI XML digital editions for Plutarch, Athenaeus, the Greek Anthology, Elegy and Iambus and for most of Lucian. This increases the available Plutarch from roughly 100,000 to the surviving 1,150,000 words. Athenaeus and the Greek Anthology are new within the Perseus Digital Library, with roughly 270,000 and 160,000 words of Greek. The 13,000 words for J.M. Edmonds Elegy and Iambus include both the surviving poetic quotations and major contexts in which these poems are quoted. The 200,000 words of Lucian represent roughly 70% of the surviving works attributed to that author. In all, this places more than 1.6 million words of Greek in circulation. With this release, we have also changed the license for opensource texts to Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, removing the non-commercial restriction that we adopted in March 2006 when we first began making our XML source texts available under a CC license. See our post on the Stoa Consortium blog for full details on the release.

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