Monday, June 11, 2018

Akkadian Prayer Miscellany

Akkadian Prayer Miscellany
Alan Lenzi, University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
The Akkadian Prayer Miscellany is a place for me to post work I've done on a selection of Akkadian prayers. As the name suggests, the project contains a mixture of different kinds of prayers from different places and times. The one unifying element is that all of the texts are in Akkadian. As working on this site is not my top research priority (rather, see →here), additions will accumulate rather slowly.

Go to the project →GitHub repository for ATF files of all completed tablets.

The List of Prayers

Old Babylonian

Old Babylonian Prayer to Anuna (PBS 1/1, 2 = CBS 19842) (June 8, 2018)
Old Babylonian Letter-Prayer to Amurrum (AbB 12, no. 99 = BM 97298) (June 10, 2018)

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