Monday, February 6, 2017

Open Access Journal: Saldvie: Estudios de prehistoria y arqueología

Saldvie: Estudios de prehistoria y arqueología

ISSN: 1576-6454
Salduie welcomes interdisciplinary research and studies throughout the field of classics. 

The submission of manuscripts is preferred in Spanish but any other official language of the European Union can be considered. Articles should not exceed (including acknowledgements, references, tables and all figure and table captions) 40 pages (90 000 characters). The proportion of the text and the quantity of images/graphics within it is of the author’s/authors’ choice. 
The papers published in Salduie express exclusively the opinion of their authors not of the editors of the journal.

Number 2. Year 2001/2002

Saldvie 2.jpg

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