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Open Access Journal: European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA)

European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA)
ISSN 2039-7895
The European Journal of Post-Classical Archaeologies (PCA) is an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the communication of post-classical research. PCA publishes a variety of manuscript types, including original research, discussions and review articles. Topics of interest include all subjects that relate to the science and practice of archaeology, particularly multidisciplinary research which use specialistic methodologies applied to the archaeology of post-classical Europe.

PCA’s manuscript review process is rigorous and is intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses in each submitted manuscript, determine which manuscripts are suitable for publication, and to work with the authors to improve their manuscript prior to publication.

Post-Classical Archaeologies is published once a year in May, starting in 2011.
Volume 5 (2015)


C. Kostick, F. Ludlow, The dating of volcanic events and their impact upon European society, 400-800 CE (OPEN ACCESS)

C. Arteaga-Cardineau, Tsunamis and earthquakes in Spain during the Early Middle Ages (OPEN ACCESS)

G.P. Brogiolo, Flooding in Northern Italy during the Early Middle Ages: resilience and adaptation (OPEN ACCESS)

A. Volkmann, Climate change, environment and migration: a GIS-based study of the Roman Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages in the river Oder region (OPEN ACCESS)

T.P. Newfield, Domesticates, disease and climate in early post-classical Europe, the cattle plague of c.940 and its environmental context PCA AWARD 2015 (OPEN ACCESS)

P.J. Brown, Coasts of catastrophe? The incidence and impact of aeolian sand on British medieval coastal communities (OPEN ACCESS)


T. Lewit, The Second Sea: exchange between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in late antiquity (OPEN ACCESS)

R. Martorelli, Cagliari bizantina: alcune riflessioni dai nuovi dati dell’archeologia (OPEN ACCESS)

M. Wolfram, The necropolis of Torre de Palma (Monforte, Portugal) (OPEN ACCESS)

A. De Guio, M. Migliavacca, R. Deiana, G. Strapazzon, Remote sensing e archeologia di un paesaggio marginale (OPEN ACCESS)

P. Diarte-Blasco, V. Beolchini, M. Zanfini, L. Peña-Chocarro, Costruire l’immagine di una città medievale: edilizia abitativa e spazi del potere a Tusculum (OPEN ACCESS)


J.D. Richards, J. Winters, Digging into data: open access and open data (OPEN ACCESS)

F. Anichini, G. Gattiglia, Verso la rivoluzione. Dall’Open Access all’Open Data: la pubblicazione aperta in archeologia (OPEN ACCESS)


M. Johnson, The first fact: discourses of ‘culture’ in anglophone archaeology (OPEN ACCESS)


J.M. Martín Civantos, M.T. Bonet García, MEMOLA project. Mediterranean Mountainous Landscapes: an historical approach to cultural heritage based on traditional agrosystems  (OPEN ACCESS)
Volume 1 (2011)
Volume 2 (2012)
Volume 3 (2013)
Volume 4 (2014)
Volume 5 (2015)
Volume 6 (2016)

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